The One City Scholarship Fund is a project that was begunby Toronto teachers on behalf of students from challenging backgrounds who have excelled academically in spite of many obstacles. We are raising funds for substantial multi-year scholarships for post-secondary education at college and university.

In May of 2018, we awarded our first four scholarships, worth $2500 each.

We want you to join us!  We are partnering with the Toronto Foundation, who support our vision and back office, including providing charitable tax receipts, and the Toronto Foundation for Student Success (TFSS), which is providing program support. The TFSS typically helps students while they are in public school; our project extends support to the young people who receive our scholarships into their post-secondary years.

The cost of college and university education is soaring. Our scholarships will not eliminate financial concerns, but they will go a long way to alleviate the pressure to take on large amounts of debt or work more hours than are conducive to strong academic development.  The new OSAP is helping a lot of students, but it is not sufficient to meet all the expenses a post-secondary student faces.

Our city needs these remarkable students to flourish. You will surely agree that their energy, their optimism, their resilience, their intelligence, and their empathy are what Toronto needs to build an open, generous, innovative city.

By promoting this scholarship and supporting the scholarship winners, we also hope that we can change, with your support, the narrative about the many young people growing up in poor neighbourhoods. So many of them are remarkable and should be congratulated and supported. Instead they often face stigma and diminished expectations. Together we can overcome the negative stories, replacing them with the optimistic view that is far closer to reality, and certainly closer to our dream of building a Toronto that allows these young people to excel.

Please join us. Our belief is that we all want Toronto to be a place of opportunity and growth for everybody. This scholarship is one way to make that desire a reality.

When we reach across the barriers that divide us, we become one city.

Steering Committee
Teachers: Lisa Garby,  Monica de Jersey, Peter Bovey, Jessica Polley, Lydian Johnson, Lia D'Andrea, Sharon Lee, Will Wallace (Chair)

Community Members: Sarah Pole, Mia London, Dymika Harte, Shannon Holness, Carla Navida, Keosha Dwyer, Ricardo Bocanegra Mezza

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