November Campaign


This post is my annual appeal to you to support the ONE City Scholarship Fund.

For the past two years, we have been building our funds with your support to the point- now over $25,000 - that we can provide our first scholarship this spring. Wow! Thank you.

This amount allows us to get started, but I am asking for your support to allow us to broaden our reach and impact.

You know that I am more than a little passionate about this project. I have the honour of teaching some remarkable students who are overcoming major obstacles to find a way to excel. My teaching colleagues across the city share my experience. Our students' optimism, ingenuity and resilience are astonishing, and bode well for Toronto in the future, if we support them today.

The ONE City Scholarship Fund aims to achieve three things:

1. Directly support remarkable students in their post-secondary studies

2. Communicate to the broader city about the amazing energy and talent that students coming from challenged neighbourhoods have to offer Toronto

3. Send a message to the youth of this city who are facing huge challenges, that there are many people who are in their corner and want them to succeed.

Call me selfish, but we need these young people to excel. I worry with the broader forces that are pulling Toronto to greater inequality that we will not fully benefit from their potential. The idea of hindering the talent they hold within them appalls me. 

Inequality is not inevitable; it is ultimately a choice. At the same time, building an equitable Toronto requires effort. The ONE City Scholarship Fund is a part of that effort. I hope you will join me.

When we reach across the borders that divide us, we become one city.

Please click on the link to be taken to our website and then to a secure page at the Toronto Foundation, our supporting partner, to make your charitable donation.

Thank you for your support.

Yours truly,

Will Wallace

P.S. Please check out this short video, highlighting the fact that in spite of the new OSAP, students from challenging backgrounds are still working to the point that it detracts from their studies. Thanks to Tamana and Dami for sharing their reality and for Matt Chapman for creating the video.